• What information is needed to book my party? When do I pay for my party? What if I would like to order extra pizza,pop,tokens, etc.
  • We will need the birthday persons name, age and name of person booking party along with their address, phone, what day, time you would like to have the party and the party package you would like.A $50 non refundable deposit is required to reserve party. Visa, Master Card Discover accepted. Please no checks. A two week advanced notice for booking party is recommended. Parties booked less than 3 days in advance is subject to a $20 fee. All parties include one birthday child free per package. Balance of party is paid in full upon arrival.Tax is not included.Deposit goes towards the balance of the party.

    Additional “add on” items you may need during your party like concession items, and token packages can be ordered through your Party Coach.

  • What do we do when we arrive? Do I need to show up early? What about late arriving guests?
  • Upon entering the facility please go to the Ticket Office to pay the remaining balance of your party and pick up your party tickets. (Party tickets are your guests admission tickets). Please give party tickets to your guests included with the party. Your guests will receive a special party wristband and skate rental ticket—if skating activity is chosen and if skates are needed. Parents are welcome to use the party tickets also.For scheduling reasons, please do not arrive sooner than 10 –15 minutes before the start of your party. Parties will not be let in before this time. If you have additional guests arrive later, our Party Coach will come find you to let you know additional guests are here.
  • Do I have to pay for non skating parents?
  • Non skating parents/grandparents and children under 32” are the only “free” spectators. All others will be charged the general admission and skate rental (if needed) if they are not included with the party.Some parties opt to pay for the parents to skate and other parties just include the children invited to party. Let us know if you would like to pay for the parents too.Please use all your party tickets. No refunds will be given. Parents are welcome to use the party tickets also. If you have unexpected guests on the day of the party, you are welcome to pay for their admission and skate rental if needed.
  • What do I need to bring? Can I bring my own decorations?
  • Our motto is…”You bring the Cake, the Kids and the Camera” we take care of the rest! You are welcome to bring a cake with a scheduled birthday party. Please no ice cream or ice cream cakes. Cups, plates, sporks, napkins and cake knife are all provided with the party.We have a full service concession for your convenience. No other food or refreshments may be brought into the facility.

    Yes, you can bring in balloons and your own paper products. You are welcome to drop the paper products off ahead of time or bring on the day of the party. Please do not bring decorations that need be taped to the walls. No confetti or silly string.

    Yes, premade party bags can be brought in.

  • What’s my party room time? How about seating for additional adults?
  • At your scheduled party room time, which is 30 minutes after the start of your party, please enter your designated party room. It is important that all your guests arrive on time so that we can serve your party at your scheduled party table time. We are not able to change your party table time on the party since there may be parties scheduled before or after yours. After your 45 minute room time has ended, please remove all items from the room. *30 minute room time for Wednesday Super Saver party packages.Your party room is private and not shared with other parties.

    Reserved seating is only guaranteed for number of guests included with party package.

  • What happens during the time we are in the party room?
  • At your scheduled party room time, which is 45 minutes after the start of your party, enter your designated party room. The dj will make an announcement for your party to go to your party room. You can locate your room by finding the sign with your child’s name on it. Please have your food (if ordered) cake, and presents completed in the party room. After your room time has ended, remove your items from the room. We will need the area to sent up for incoming parties. Your party is welcome to continue their fun for the remainder of the party time in the public area. If you have any special requests or problems please let your Party Coach know.
  • What if more guests arrive than what I have chose on my party package?
  • If you have unexpected guests on the day of the party, you are welcome to pay for their admission and skate rental if needed at the Ticket Office. Your Party Coach can assist you with additional food and beverage orders.
  • Can we bring our own skates or blades? How much is it to rent the Skate Mates?
  • Yes, let your guests know that they can bring their own skates and blades. Regular skate rental and blade skate rental is included with the party packages. If your guests are renting skates, please remind them to bring socksSkate Mates are not included with party package. SM are available for rental with a $5 deposit. $2 is refund is given when Skate Mate is returned
  • What if we have more than one birthday child?
  • One birthday child is included free with the package. The additional birthday person is welcome to use a guest party ticket for their admission.If you would like the 2nd birthday person to get the same birthday items as the 1st birthday person, please see our birthday party add on’s for options and pricing.
  • What kind of fun do you have for the little kids in my party?
  • For the little skaters we have Fisher Price skates. Tennis shoes size 8 to 13 fit well in these skates.Bounce Quest is available for children under 56”. Parents are welcome to go through Bounce Quest with them at no charge.

    Kiddie Carts are available for the little ones also. $10 deposit.—$7 refund if rented for 1 hour, $4 refund if rented for 2 hours.

  • What day of the week tends to be the least busy? Is there a discount for parties held during the weekdays?
  • Mondays and Wednesdays tend to be less busy than the weekends. However, due to the many groups (schools, churches, etc) that have parties at Jumpin’ Jupiter, any day of the week can get busy. Call us and we’ll give you our best idea as to how busy any given session might be. (231) 773-5538
  • What forms of payment does Jumpin’ Jupiter accept?
  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and cash. Checks are not accepted.
  • Is my birthday deposit refundable?
  • The $50 deposit is not refundable if you cancel your party. Deposits may be transferred to another party date a minimum of ten days prior to the original party date, based on availability.
  • How can I get the party invitations?
  • Invitations are free with your birthday party package. We have 3 options to choose from. You are welcome to stop in during any public skating session and pick them up at the Ticket Office. You can also print them from our website—Click on the Birthday Party button, locate the invitation button, then just click on the button and print. We can mail invitations to you. It takes approximately 7 to 10 days to get to you through the mail and $2 shipping and handling fee.
  • Can I bring a cake if I do not have a birthday party booked?
  • Yes, a cake/cupcakes can be brought in without scheduling a party with us during any of our public skating sessions except special events. No other food or drink can be brought in. Cake/cupcakes must be done before the last 1 hour of the session. If table space is needed, you may be asked to move from the table or make room for others. Your group is welcome to skate with us during any of our public skating sessions with general admission pricing. If you are paying for additional guests that are arriving after you, please stay near the Ticket Office, so this doesn’t keep your guests waiting. When you enter the facility, let us know you are having a party with us. We would be happy to announce the birthday persons name if you would like and you are welcome to bring in presents. No gift or party bags can be brought in.
    • Is it cheaper to bring the kids skating rather than go with a birthday party package?
    • No, because the party packages are discounted rates. Plus, many extras including birthday person items, party decorations, private room and so much more.