• PARTY SCHEDULE: Please arrive at the scheduled party time. Parties will not be let in before this. Upon entering the facility please go to the Ticket Window to pay the remaining balance of your party and pick up your party tickets. (Party tickets are your guests admission tickets). Please give the party tickets to your guests as they arrive to your party. Your guests will receive a party wristband and skate rental (if needed). We will get your beverage and food order at that time also. You can locate your party room by finding the sign with the birthday persons name on it.
  • ARRIVAL AND SERVING TIME: It is important that all of your guests arrive on time so that we can serve your party at your scheduled party room time. We are not able to change your party room time, since there may be parties before and after yours. If food is ordered – will be served approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour into your party time. Complete your food (if ordered), cake and presents in the party room.
  • CAKE/FOOD/DRINK: You are welcome to bring a cake or cupcakes. However, no other food or drink can be brought in. No ice cream or ice cream cakes. We have a full service concession for your convenience. In order for your party to not feel rushed at the end, cake must be cut and finished eating before the last 30 minutes of party time. Please NO cake fights/smashing. Additional room cleaning fee may be accessed.


  • PARTY ROOM ENDING TIME: Because there may be parties scheduled after your party—Party room MUST BE EMPTIED of all party and personal items BY THE END OF YOUR PARTY TIME. Guests return skates to rental counter.


  • SPECTATORS: Non skating parents. grand parents and children under 32” can enter for free to watch. All others will be charged admission to enter whether skating or watching. (If they are not included in party) Skate Rental is extra. Please use all of your party tickets. No refunds will be given. Parents, grand parents and children under 32” are welcome to use party tickets if they are going to skate. Seating in party room is guaranteed for guests included in party package.
  • ADDITIONAL GUESTS: If you have additional guests over and above the number of people included with your party, you are welcome to pay for their general admission and skate rental if needed at the Ticket Window on the day of the party.
  • PARTY INVITATIONS: Invitations are free with your birthday party. We have 3 options to choose from—You are welcome to stop in during any public skating session and pick them up at the Ticket Window. Print them from our website, click on Birthday Party Button, locate the invitation button at the top of the page, then just click on button and print. We can mail the invitations to you. It takes approximately 7 to 10 business days to arrive through the mail along with $3 for shipping and handling.
  • PAPER PRODUCT/THEME PARTY: Red table cloths are provided. You’re welcome to bring balloons, paper products, tableware, table clothes, table center pieces. Please do not tape or stick anything to the walls including banners, posters, wall hanging etc. DO NOT BRING: Confetti, silly string, piñatas or glitter.
  • SKATE MATES: Skate Mates are available for rental with a $5 deposit, $2 refund when Skate Mate is returned.
  • BOUNCE QUEST PLAYGROUND: Bounce Quest activity is for children under 56” tall, with an additional fee.


  • SOCKS: Socks are required for both roller skating and Bounce Quest activities. Please remind your guests to bring or wear socks. We have socks available for purchase also.


  • PROGRAMMING/MUSIC/LIGHTING/FOG: Public skating sessions are programmed to provide maximum entertainment for families, elementary and middle school students. All of our music is “radio” edited. Due to the nature of our business, theatrical fog and lighting effects (strobe and laser) are in use during the skating session.
  • COSTUME CHARACTERS / FACEPAINTERS / MAGICIANS  / BALLOON ARTISTS: We do not allow privately owned or rented costume characters, face painters, magicians or balloon artists into the facility.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposit is non-refundable. Deposit goes towards the balance of party. Deposits are not refundable if you cancel your party. Deposits may not be transferred to another party date with less than 10 days advance notice. New party date is based on availability. 
  • PAYMENT TYPES: Payment of cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express accepted. Credit cards subject to 2.3% +$.30 per transaction fee. Please no checks. 
  • ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Your fun and enjoyable birthday party is important to us. We invite you or your guests to contact us with any questions before your party to clarify any expectations.