If it’s a party you’re after… look no further, for we have the place, to fill your group with laughter!  Whether you party is big or small, you’ll leave saying “we had a ball.”  We’ll play the music to fill your soles, because our friendly, experienced staff are the party pros! Our concession is filled with lots of yummy treats… to tickle your tummy from your head to your feet!  Whether your group is a school, church, day care, family reunion or scouts to name a few…. we make roller skating fun, easy and it’s good for you! So, give us a call, with a date, a time and how many people there will be…we’ll give it all we’ve got, you’ll have a great time, we guarantee!  

Days Available: Saturdays 11am – 1pm in June




  • Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express accepted. Please no checks. 
  • You are welcome to bring a cake or cupcakes. No other food or drink can be brought in. Please no ice cream cakes. We have a full-service concession for your convenience.
  • Additional “add on” items can be added on the day of your party too, such as token packages and party bags.
  • Guest Count: All guests will be counted whether skating or watching.  Including children, parents and grandparents or other adults whether they are watching or skating.

BALANCE OF PARTY DUE:  Balance of party is due 10 DAYS BEFORE party.  One person pays for the entire party. No individual payments will be collected at the door.   Additional guests over 50 count must be paid for at this time also.  No shows – We will refund, within 10 days after party, up to 10 prepaid guests over the 50 count. Day of party—If you have additional guests over the prepaid number, we will allow up to a maximum of 10 additional people to be paid for on the day of—all others will not be allowed to enter.  No loitering in the parking lot. 

DEPOSIT/BALANCE/CANCELLATION: $200 deposit does NOT go towards balance of party.  Deposit is not refundable if party is cancelled.  Deposit may not be transferred to another party date with less than 14 days advance notice.  Weather related cancellations are rescheduled at a time that is convenient to both parties.

DEPOSIT/EXCESSIVE CLEANING/BUILDING EXIT FEE: Deposit will be refunded back to credit card the deposit was paid from or JJ check.  JJ reserves the right to make the final refund decision.  $200 This deposit is refunded up to 10 days after the party date IF:

EXCESSIVE CLEANING:  Our staff will take care of the normal party clean up. Honestly, that’s one of the reasons why you’re having your party here. So, we do the work!  What is not acceptable—excessive pizza/cake/ice cream in the carpet, no food fights/smashing cake into another patron’s face, no confetti, glitter or silly string, along with litter left in parking lot from your guests.  It takes our staff a considerably longer time to clean.

EXIT:  Everyone in party has exited the building within 15 minutes of the ending party time. (This includes cake, gifts and personal belongings).    Our staff needs to clean these areas, due to the fact there may be a session/party scheduled after yours.  If you have guests dropped off for your party and are waiting to be picked up,  Please do not leave until their ride has arrived. 




or give us a call today! (231) 773-5538